My name is Mia and I am 14 years old.

I wish I wasn't picked on every day at school.

I wish I wasn't laughed at.

I wish I could escape the comments online.

I wish I felt safe on the bus ride home.

I wish I was liked.

I wish I was pretty like the other girls.

I wish I didn't have to pretend to be sick so I avoid school.

I wish I had friends who stood up for me.

I wish people would just get me.

I wish I could tell my parents how I am feeling and what is going on.

But, what I wish for most; is not to be bullied.

And I wish we lived in a world where everyone was kind, always helping people; to always do good because it will not only bring a change in us, but will also change the world around us.

I wish for a world where I can learn, be myself and feel safe - a world where I am no longer bullied.

- Mia -

Bullying is never ok. It is hurtful and can impact someone for a long time.

Mia's wish can become a reality and with your support our goal to raise $200,000 by 31 December 2022 can be achieved. $200,000 allows us to deliver our lifesaving bullying prevention programs to some of the most vulnerable schools in Australia and will help us reach 20,000 young people and their parents in 2023.

Bully Zero turns ten in 2023 and our vision of the future has been shaped by the work that we have conducted over the last ten years; work that has educated and prevented incidences of bullying; and, most importantly its work to save lives.

In ten years, we have delivered our programs to over 600,000 parents, children, teachers and employees throughout Australia.

The last ten years would not have been possible without the backing of our community; our donors, partners, Ambassadors, volunteers and our incredible staff.

We need your help to raise $200,000 before 31 December so that we can reach out to those schools and help young people like Mia feel safe, valued and respected. Our Resilience and Wellbeing programs are just one of a suite of programs we have that are tailored to help young people just like Mia.

Our goal is to reach 200,000 people and ask them to give $1. Can you give $1?

It doesn't seem like a mighty effort - but with many hands we can do this and help bring Mia's wish to life.

Thank you for your donation. 

Janet Grima

Chief Executive Officer

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