Anti Bullying Day

Aa a part of an anti-bullying campaign for The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Read more

Wheatley warriors

To help end bullying for good! Read more


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Em's SUPERHIRO Wednesday

As a Ms Australia World Universal National Finalist I am working to raise funds and awareness of the destruction bullying causes and want to be a part of the change to help put a stop to bullying! Read more



About us

We work to prevent and reduce bullying through evidence-based education, advocacy, and support for all communities across Australia. Read more

No More Harm Conference

Our two day Conference is back and is designed to equip you with the skills and tools to stamp out bullying in your school or workplace. Read more

Our Patron

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Kind is Cool partners with Bully Zero

Kind is Cool and Bully Zero have teamed up to help spread kindness and put an end to bullying. Read more

Contact us

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Culture of Excellence

Join the Bully Zero Culture of Excellence community to demonstrate your commitment to fostering a safe and bully free workplace for your people. Read more

Our Impact

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National Bullying Prevention Week Appeal

Help us fund the roll out of bullying education programs to 100 schools across Australia. Read more

No More Harm Virtual Summit 2020

You can now book your place at the No More Harm Virtual Summit in November 2020. Read more

Bullying Myths and Facts

The myths and facts surrounding bullying.. Read more

New Directors Appointments

Bully Zero is pleased to announce three new appointments to the Board of Directors. Read more