The Annual No More Harm National Conference in 2020 will be held virtually from the 16 - 18 November.

Highlighting bullying, harassment and discriminating behaviour, this annual conference continues to successfully facilitate discussion surrounding the cause, effect, challenges and opportunities surrounding harmful behaviours in schools, the workplace and wider community.

Featuring a selection of renowned keynote speeches, oral presentations, panel discussions, workshops and networking opportunities, this conference highlights the cause of and solutions to bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Historically, the No More Harm National Conference brings together 200+ delegates from all over Australia to review current bullying, harassment and discrimination issues in schools, workplaces and social environments.

Shining the light on a major issues of concern throughout the nation, the two-day No More Harm Conference will encompass presentations, discussions and interactive dialogues leading the way to prevent harmful behaviours. Renowned keynote speeches, professional presentations, interactive workshops and a variety of visual poster presentations will highlight the challenges and opportunities we face in eliminating bullying, harassment and discrimination.

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