In reality - words do hurt - a lot!

Nerd, four eyes, fatty, ugly, loser. None of these are nice words to hear, but for many kids around Australia, hearing these words daily is their reality.

Research suggests that 1 in 4 Aussie kids will be bullied each year - teased, tormented, and isolated for being ‘different’. These kids fear waking up every morning, not knowing what horrors await them when they get to school or jump online. And often, they won’t ask for help for fear of being labelled “weak” or a "snitch". 

What if that 1 in 4 was your kid? 

It’s time to advocate for inclusion, kindness, empathy and acceptance. With your financial support we can achieve this. 

This June, Bully Zero is aiming to raise $10,200 to support the most vulnerable young people across Australia. 

A donation of $100 supports the delivery of our program to 16 young people. The outcomes of our program illustrate how participants lives are changed and these outcomes include:

  • Reduction in incidents of physical harm related to bullying
  • Reduction in mental health issues such as anxiety and depression
  • Reduced levels of worry, stress and fear
  • Increased confidence and resilience
  • Improved overall mental and emotional well-being
  • Reduction in bullying-related youth suicide and self harm

If we achieve this goal Bully Zero will deliver its program to 17 schools, impacting 1,700 young people.

Our work saves lives, but we cannot do it without your generous donation.

To help us achieve this goal, our partner Kind is Cool will reward each supporter with a t-shirt (pictured below) for every $100 donation made by Thursday 30 June. To date Kind is Cool has donated over $25,000 to Bully Zero and have supported the delivery of over 50 life saving workshops to schools across the country.

On behalf of the Australian community, we thank you for supporting our work and helping us to create a safe, valued and respected Australia.

P.S. To claim your free t-shirt, please email us at [email protected] with your receipt number and t-shirt size. Kids tees available in sizes 2-10 and Adult tees available from Small-5XL.

P.P.S All donations are tax-deductible.