Our national volunteer program, Hiro, draws on the voices, passion and energy of those who are passionate to help end bullying.

Together we raise awareness, educate the community, raise funds and share a message of hope.

Bullying impacts over two million Australians every year: whether it's young people at school; employees in the workplace or all ages online, many face the challenging impacts of becoming targets of bullying behaviours. 

Anyone that has a passion for ending bullying, whatever your reason, can apply to be a Bully Zero Hiro.  

Research has shown that victims of bullying report more severe anxiety symptoms than others. Being bullied is also linked to social anxiety, which often lasts into adulthood and increases the risk of developing personality disorders. Depression is another negative consequence of bullying, which might lead to suicidal ideation and even suicide attempts. 

Who can be a Bully Zero Hiro?

Anyone that has a passion for ending bullying, whatever your reason, can apply to be a Bully Zero Hiro.  

You need to be passionate about raising awareness of bullying and Bully Zero's work, in line with our vision and mission, with no intention to promote or sell any personal agenda, business or product.

We welcome all ages and all backgrounds. 

What would I do as a Bully Zero Hiro? 

Raise awareness in your community

There are any number of ways that Bully Zero Hiro's raise community awareness. One of the key ways is through telling your story to the media (including TV, radio, online and print) or on Bully Zero website and Social Media channels.

Share your story

Sharing stories about the personal impact of bullying you may have experienced plays a crucial role in raising awareness and encouraging people to seek support. By sharing your own personal story, you can help share your key messages about how you overcame or addressed the issues which may help others cope. 

Raise vital funds 

Fundraising for Bully Zero supports us in our mission to reach out to young people, parents, employers and employees. Hiro's can raise funds in their school, sports club or workplace by hosting a get-together or activity or take part in fun runs and other fundraising challenges throughout the year.

Can i get involved from anywhere in country? 

Absolutely. This is a virtual volunteer program and we need Hiro's across all parts of the country. We will engage with you through our online platforms and ensure you are connected with other Hiro's for support and inspiration. 

I'm in - what do i need to do?

The process is simple. You will need to complete an Expression of Interest Form.

Once we have approved your application, we will invite you to attend a virtual induction so that you know who we are, what we do, and the support you will have to be a Hiro in your local community. 

Complete Expression of Interest 

Find out more about Hiro, our mascot.