The reality is most Australians will personally experience or witness workplace bullying at some point during their career, contributing to over a third of Australia’s Mental Health claims and up to 36B per year economically.

However these adverse psychological and physical health effects and negative organisational costs can be prevented.

Bully Zero has developed comprehensive workplace bullying prevention programs that provide valuable tools to minimise negative behaviour and empower individuals with an understanding of what to do when it occurs. 

Our programs provide employers and employees with expert advice on how to prevent and respond to bullying and harassment, information about your rights and obligations and where to find support.


TOPIC: Proactive Leadership & Management Bullying Prevention

AUDIENCE: Leaders/ Managers/ Supervisors

OVERVIEW: There is substantial evidence to suggest that a proactive psychosocial safety framework to workplace bullying through education and training from the top down, can mitigate risk and reduce the instances and impact of bullying in the workplace.  

Our management program is built on this preventative method by addressing the underlying risk factors that lead to or trigger bullying in the workplace. This Occupational, Health and Safety approach is designed to help leaders and managers to build resilient systems that encourages and empowers resilient workers. 

Content will include:

  • Help – Communication & awareness of how & where bullying can occur
  • Understanding – Challenges & impact on individuals & organisation
  • Guidance – Redefining conduct, policies & procedures
  • Support – Support & mitigating risk

DURATION: 90 Minutes

DELIVERY: Face to Face or Webinar 

Bully Zero ran a workshop for key leaders within the Department of Home Affairs in Victoria. The session provided a real-life insight into the impacts of bullying and harassment and strategies for creating a workplace culture free of such issues. 


TOPIC: Safe, Valued & Respected Employees

AUDIENCE: Employees

OVERVIEW: Bullying in the workplace has alarming prevalence, with most recent statistics indicating 9.4 % of Australian workers have been bullied in the last 12 months. We recognise that the word can sometimes be loosely used, therefore it is not only important to educate your employees to understand the complex consequences for employers and employees when bullying is reported, but also to understand resilience and the responsibilities all employees have in the workplace.

This program has been designed to educate employees and provide them with valuable tools to prevent negative behaviour from occurring and equip individuals with a clear understanding of what to do if it does occur. All in accordance with Australian workplace law, the program is designed to ensure all employees remain SAFE, VALUED & RESPECTED at work.


  • What types of bullying can occur in a remote working environment?
  • What is the impact?
  • What is your responsibility?
  • What can you or others do?
  • Prevention Strategies.

DURATION: 60 Minutes

DELIVERY: Face to Face or Webinar 

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