Friday 18 March 2022 marks the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. This year, the theme is Kindness Culture. By building Kindness Culture together, we can promote inclusion and belonging, creating an Australia where we all feel safe, valued and respected.

Keep an eye out on the Bully Zero social media channels on the 18th March for activities and campaigns you can take part in to help raise awareness and spread kindness on this day.

To demonstrate the power of kind words and actions, we will be holding a nation-wide Rice Jar Experiment, inspired by Dr Emoto's book "Messages in Water." Get ready to join the Bully Zero Rice Jar Experiment by downloading the Instruction Page and Activity Sheets here: Bully Zero Rice Jar Experiment

We are so grateful to all the schools, workplaces, clubs and community members who take action on this day, and every day, to spread a message of kindness and hope to all.

We hope you can join us.

Booking for this event has now closed.