Our Founding Patron - Ali Halkic

Ali Halkic, lost his son Allem on 5 February 2009 as a result of cyber bullying.

Allem Halkic was a 17 year old who tragically fell victim to persistent and callous bullying. Ali has since worked tirelessly to educate Australians about the dangers of bullying and cyber bullying.

It was Ali who lobbied the Victorian Government to introduce the barriers on the Westgate Bridge; there have since been no suicides from the Westgate thanks to Ali's advocacy. It was Ali who was able to have his son recognized as the first victim of crime as a result of suicide.

Ali inspired a group of passionate individuals to take action and say enough was enough to bullying by leading in the establishment of Bully Zero. Ali devotes much of his own time to the Foundation by also serving on the Board of Directors and is well respected by media, various stakeholders and charity partners for his unselfish contribution to bullying on a national scale.

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