Over the last twelve months, Bully Zero has continued its journey to modernise and prepare the organisation for future growth.

A key achievement of the last financial year was starting the first year of our new strategic plan for 2019 – 2024.  We have an ambitious and credible new strategy that will see us reduce bullying by educating communities across Australia, empowering and supporting those impacted by bullying and campaigning for change.


  • We delivered a record 263 bullying prevention workshops in schools, sports clubs and community groups. The workshops were delivered to primary and secondary schools across Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia.
  • We delivered 31 WorkSafe bullying prevention workshops. These workshops are aimed at 16 – 24 years old who are transitioning into the workplace and equips them with a greater understanding of workplace bullying.
  • We delivered 16 bullying prevention workshops in the workplace across the retail, hospitality and manufacturing industries.
  • We educated a total of 17,417 young people, parents and employees through our programs.
  • We reached a record 2.1m people across our Social Media channels. Our digital presence makes a huge difference in reaching more people about the issues of bullying and how to stay safe.
  • We welcomed a record 31,204 visitors to the Bully Zero Website. We look forward to launching our new Website in late 2020 which will offer increased resources and information on bullying.

We reached a record 2.1m people across our Social Media channels during 2019 - 2020.


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