Join the Bully Zero Culture of Excellence community to demonstrate your commitment to fostering a safe and bully free workplace for your people.

We partner with you for a 36 month period to safeguard the wellbeing and productivity of your people through deliberate, sustained supports that minimise bullying, bad behaviour and emotional harm in your workplace.

The opportunity to become a Bully Zero Culture of Excellence branded organisation is open to any Australian organisation or business who is committed to creating safe and respectful workplace and high performing teams free of bullying, discrimination and negative communication.

There is no limit in terms of the scale or geography of your workforce or reach – you can be state, national or even global and be a workforce of 20 to 200,000+ people. Our only ask is that you genuinely prize the welfare and wellbeing of your people.

We know that 39% of mental disorder claims in the workplace are caused by harassment, bullying or exposure to violence in the workplace. We sadly see this first hand and know the devastating toll in can take on individuals, their families, teams and your business.

Three year partnership

The Culture of Excellence initiative represents a three year commitment and opportunity for the Bully Zero team to work in close partnership with your leaders and your teams to bring to life the program of support and deliverables featured.  

The Five step approach 

  1. We undertake a review of workplace bullying and behaviour policy and processes.
  2. We engage staff to secure a commitment and skill improvement in workplace behaviours.
  3. We create a shared workforce-wide communication charter for the organisation.
  4. We integrate and maximise the principles into existing organisation anti-bullying supports.
  5. We help you and your people practise high-performance behaviours, providing real time support to organisation to adopt best practice standards of workplace culture.

Culture of Excellence means you can:

  • register and brand your organisation as a part of the Bully Zero Culture of Excellence community
  • demonstrate your visible commitment to fostering a safe, high performing, bullying free culture
  • give your organisation the practical tools and strong support to help you realise that same shared commitment
  • provide your people access to a suite of vital coaching and wellbeing supports
  • prevent costly HR and performance losses that damage your reputation, your teams and your bottom line.


Starting at $35 per person. 
Payments will be divided over the three year membership period.

Delivery Partner

Coach Pty Ltd is a Australian based high-calibre communication coaching agency working with large and small organisations in the public and private sector throughout Australia and internationally.

The Coach Pty Lt team is fixated on one thing: Making the thousands of interactions occurring in the workplace each day safe, productive, positive and performance-enhancing. They share the Bully Zero passion and commitment to an Australia where we all feel safe, valued and respected – and together we are working with the Coach Pty Ltd team to bring a suite of programs and supports to organisations Australia wide to improve culture and communication in schools and workplaces.

With a unique focus on helping organisations grow flourishing communication cultures, Coach Pty Ltd bring to their clients distinctive coaching approaches and models; 360 feedback and leadership development expertise; and workforce-wide on-line culture programs—all developed on the fundamental premise the great communicators always own the game.

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