Bullying is a prevalent issue that impacts thousands of vulnerable West Australian children each year. Bullying is significantly related to low levels of psychological wellbeing, high levels of psychological distress and adverse physical health symptoms. 

As a recipient of Telethon 7 grant for the third year running, we are thrilled to be able to offer WA schools a total of three funded student programs, improving the access that so many vulnerable children have to this critical service.

Project B.R.A.V.E. will see Bully Zero visiting 75 West Australian schools, who can choose any three of the below programs for students from Kindergarten - Year 12: 

Bullying Education

• Understanding Bullying

• Workforce Ready

Cyber Safety and Cyberbullying

• SafetyNet

Wellbeing and Resilience

• New Beginnings

• Step Up

• Move and Groove

• Thrive

Places are limited. If you'd like to enquire about having a Telethon-funded program for your school, please send us an enquiry today.

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