National Bullying Prevention Week is Bully Zero's annual event which is celebrated right across the nation, and serves as an important platform to raise awareness of bullying and its impact on individuals and communities. This year, the event runs from 14th - 20th August. Being 2023, it's an extra special celebration, as the week ties in with our 10th Anniversary.

There will be lots of events and activities throughout the week. Stay tuned as we release more details closer to the date.

One event you can add to your calendars already, is SuperHIRO Wednesday, being held on Wed 16th August 2023. 

SuperHIRO Wednesday is a fun and easy way to encourage your workplace, social club, school or community to get involved in National Bullying Prevention Week, raise awareness about bullying, and raise funds for Bully Zero - supporting the delivery of our programs nation-wide.

Find out more about National Bullying Prevention Week 2023, or register for SuperHIRO Wednesday here. We can't wait to celebrate this special week with you, as right across Australia people come together to take a stand against bullying, and embrace their inner HIRO.