We are absolutely thrilled to announce that in 2022, Bully Zero, with the generous support of Telethon, will be rolling out the Perth Bullying Prevention Project, servicing multiple primary and secondary schools within WA.

This is a fully funded project which will see the delivery of our life-saving bullying education, cyber safety and resilience programs to 100 schools in the Perth metropolitan area.

The Perth Bullying Prevention Project provides Bully Zero the wonderful opportunity to educate, support, inspire and uplift over 30,000 young West Australians, who may otherwise not have access to these programs.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest thanks to Telethon for their support, and we look forward to sharing more details about the progress of the project as we work diligently to equip and empower young West Australians to feel safe, valued and respected, both online and offline.

If you are a teacher or staff member at a Perth school and would like to enquire about a fully-funded program being delivered to your students, please contact us HERE