Bully Zero turns TEN in 2023

Our vision of the future has been shaped by the work that we have conducted over the last ten years; work that has educated and prevented incidences of bullying; and, most importantly its work to save lives. The last ten years would not have been possible without the backing of our community; our donors, partners, volunteers and our incredible staff.

Bully Zero was created to put an end to Bullying and our Founders spirit delivered lifesaving programs to every corner of this vast country, into schools, workplaces, and community groups. We are a significant champion of change.

The spirit and tenacity to create a safe, valued, and respected Australia challenged the team and its greater community when the covid pandemic hit. Bully Zero, over its ten years, overcame many challenges, most recently being the hurdles presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. As lockdowns, increased screen time, isolation and unease started to take its toll on the community with Australia reporting a 40 per cent increase in all forms of online harm, including a 21 per cent increase in youth-based cyberbullying.

Bully Zero faced a serious challenge in offering much-needed education and support at this time as many schools closed, causing cancellations of programs at a time when young people needed them most. We quickly adapted our programs to online delivery and onboarded a team of facilitators across the country who worked diligently towards empowering and uplifting young people and adults across Australia during this crisis.

‘Building for the Next Ten’ is a continuation of the work that has been underway, to continue to reach as many young people as possible, parents, employees, and every member of the Australian community to deliver on our mission.

We want you to be a ‘Builder’ for our next ten! Because our ambitions for the next ten years are still the same, with your commitment, we can remain on track.

An investment of $10,000 will secure you as a ‘Builder’ for our next ten campaign. This also means that you will be recognised during this milestone year across all of our anniversary collateral, social media platforms, website and events and will provide unique opportunities for your staff to get involved in those celebratory events in 2023.

Your investment will also provide our lifesaving bullying prevention workshops to vulnerable schools across Australia.

This also means that you will help us:

  • Reduce bullying across schools, workplaces, and communities.
  • Empower those impacted by bullying (the target, the bully, and the bystander)
  • Influence government and inform the public.
  • Create a high performing and sustainable organisation that will see us grow our impact and reach across Australia.

We welcome your support of this campaign and look forward to working with you to showcase the impact of your support during 2023 and beyond.