Q: Please tell us a little about yourself, your occupation, and what a day at work looks like for you?
A: My name is Nip and I co-founded GG's Flowers and Hampers, which is a social enterprise florist and gift hamper business. We proudly employ people with disabilities and provide a safe, compassionate and meaningful place that they can work. No two days are the same in my line of work. They vary from 100's of hamper and flower orders one day, to a quiet day in the shop where we
can plan fulfilling extra curricular activities for our employees like games nights and trips to the Royal Easter Show.

Q: Before working in your field, what preconceived ideas did you have surrounding bullying?
A: I think working and doing the work we do, the word "bullying" can get thrown around here and there. I think the important message that I’ve always been taught is choose kindness - always! That's so important working with people with disabilities as well. That's the one thing I try to teach all my support staff - choose kindness, always.

Q: How have your thoughts changed?
A: No way - it's probably got stronger over the years. Kindness always triumphs over everything. From parents, participants, staff and customers - the one thing we are all connected by is kindness and I try so hard as a leader to embody this.

Q: In your opinion, what connects schoolyard bullying to adulthood? What are the consequences to that connection?
A: I think it's what you learn in those formative years that makes sure you are set up for life. If you learn early on that bullying is not okay, and not tolerated (at school/at home/as sport) you will always remember that and live by that principle. If you grow up thinking bullying is normal and okay and are never pulled up on that behaviour - then you'll continue doing it. I'm a big believer in making mistakes but always learning from them.

Q: What would you say to your younger self if she was being bullied?
A: Choose kindness, always. Honey over vinegar. I'd say it's my responsibility and duty to teach a bully other methods of  communicating with kindness and respect.


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